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Nov 28, 2014 · What Are The Symptoms Of Thoracic Sprain? Pain in the midback area. Weakness and instability of the thoracic spine. Tenderness in the thoracic area. Swelling. Stiffness of neck and back. Reduced mobility in thoracic region. Exacerbation of pain with coughing or sneezing.Occupation: MD,FFARCSI. May 04, 2017 · Thoracic spine pain will always occur in the area where the top 12 bones of the spine are. Any pain lower than those would be considered lower back pain. The other symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of other types of back pain and they include: Stiffness. Limited range of motion. Muscle weakness. Muscle spasms.Author: Brent Chittenden.

Adult Kyphosis. Symptoms of thoracic pain from adult kyphosis can vary from mild to severe. Some of the symptoms that may be felt are, weakness in the lower extremities, difficulty breathing due to the curvature of the thoracic spine and pain. Symptoms of a thoracic or lumbar sprain or strain are dependent on how severe the injury. Most injuries are graded on a scale from first degree to third degree. First-degree sprains are mild and cause little to no pain or other symptoms. Second-degree sprains .

The thoracic spine consists of 12 vertebrae levels. The are located at the middle of the spine, between the cervical and lumbar vertebrae. Thoracic vertebrae are considered as those that have a rib. These levels are classified as T1 - T12. Thoracic spinal cord injuries are severe, however rarely cause death. Jun 16, 2017 · Adults with thoracic back pain often have aches and pains elsewhere as well as difficulties going about their daily tasks. Is it something to worry about? The short answer, in Author: Dr Laurence Knott.