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The Numbers. Stride length is measured from heel to heel and determines how far you walk with each step. On average, a man's walking stride length is 2.5 feet, or 30 inches, according to Arizona State University Extension. Jun 20, 2019 · The Average Walking Stride Length The average stride length, or two steps, is just over 60 inches, or a little more than five feet. Gender Plays a Part. Average stride length depends on many factors, including gender. The average step or stride length for women is smaller than for men.Author: Jolie Johnson.

The length of an average walking stride is 62 inches. People frequently mistake stride for step length, or wrongly assume they are one in the same. Step length is defined as the distance between the heel strike of one foot and the heel strike of the opposite foot. On the other hand, stride refers to the consecutive heel strikes of the same foot. Fitbit devices automatically calculate your stride length based on several factors. For more information, see How does my Fitbit device calculate my daily activity? If your distance measurement seems inaccurate, follow the steps below to calculate your stride length and add it to your Fitbit account.

You can make your pedometer or fitness band distance measurement more accurate by adjusting it for your average stride length or average step length. Fitness monitors usually have a default stride length they use for the distance estimate, with each step assumed to be covering 2.2 feet (26 inches) for women and 2.5 feet (30 inches) for men. A good running stride means you are using your body's energy efficiently and helping keep yourself injury-free. It could also mean an overall faster pace, which is excellent news for all runners. To find the perfect stride length, you have to examine your form and practice good running techniques Author: Amanda Casanova.