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Professionalization of Adult education in Nigeria is presently geared towards national development. The objective of the processes of adult education and national development is to get the adults, either as individuals or as a group, to learn and through learning to change their attitude and behaviour. DEMOCRACY AND PROFESSIONALIZATION OF ADULT EDUCATION IN NIGERIA Dr. Chidi E. Onyenemezu Department of Adult & Non-Formal Education, University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. [email protected] ABSTRACT The paper focused on democracy and professionalization of adult education in Nigeria. ItAuthor: Chidi E. Onyenemezu.

adult education - Adult education in Nigeria; situation analysis - The surest way out - And conclusion and Recommendations II. CONCEPTUAL CLARIFICATION Adult Education As a discipline adult education is as old as human race on earth (Yakusak, 2002). According to Edward (2007) it is in adult education that emphasis is placed on literacy education. professionalization in adult education continues to be a subject of debate. “Today, debates ensue about adult education’s professionalization. Claims are levied that, with the present state of professionalization in adult education, the field is dislodging itself from the Author: Sheila Mcintosh.

functional Teacher education in Nigeria. The second aspect examines the strategies for professionalization of teaching in Nigeria. The third aspect focuses on the problems of professionalization of teaching in Nigeria. The paper is concluded with the implication of professionalization of teaching through functional teacher education. Keywords. Much of adult education in the 1920s and 1930s was focused around liberal adult education and self-help, rather than training. By 1969, however, approximately 50 percent of adult education programming was work related, and by 1984 that had grown to 80 percent (Merriam and Cunningham 1989).