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Asian Pacific Community Counseling (APCC) is a community-based 501(c)3 nonprofit agency serving Asian and Pacific Islanders (API) of Sacramento County. We specialize in unique cultural and linguistic approaches to meet the diverse mental health and wellness needs of the API community. Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) serves as an interactive cultural crossroads between local and international communities. APCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization was formed in November 1996 from the vision of a small group of citizens representing three generations of Americans from Asian and Pacific Islanders heritage.

APACC’s mission is to help strengthen Asian Pacific American families living in Visitation Valley by providing linguistically and culturally appropriate programs and services. Our clients are mostly low and moderate income immigrant families with limited or no English proficiency. PACE is a community development organization that annually serves approximately 50,000 low-income residents of the Los Angeles area by creating economic solutions to meet the challenges of employment, education, housing, the environment, and business development .

Pacific Asian Counseling Services (PACS) is a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles dedicated to healing people with mental illness through counseling and caring. The agency serves people of all ethnicities but we are especially proud of our expertise with refugee and immigrant Asian Pacific Islander populations. CELEBRATING OUR CENTENARIANSThe 33rd Annual CCC Care Fundraiser is on September 14, 2019. We’re honoring those who are 100 years old and older. Join us as we share their amazing life stories.Click HereAdvancements in CareDr. Scott Stringer uses ER skills to prevent sepsis at ACC Care CenterRead StoryMarch Construction UpdateACC Maple Tree Village is on [ ].