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emo fuck lyric - 21 of the Most Emo Lyrics From the Early '00s That Will Bring Back the Glory Days of Pop-Punk

Lyrics to 'Fuck Emo' by Cheap Sex. 'Dear diary, my life is a complete fiasco. The dashboard show is this weekend and I can't even fit into my little sister's jeans anymore. My dad grounded me cause he caught me in my mom's makeup again. He's such a nazi. I wish i could just run away to somewhereTour Stop: Black Eyed Peas, AJR, Every Time I Die. Listen to some Sunny Day Real Estate or Rites of Spring. Emo music does not mean boys kissing each other, wearing make up and tight pants, and pissing and moaning and crying over every little thing that goes wrong in your life. Emo music is music that speaks to your soul, it's peaceful and tranquil. FUCK THE TREND OF EMO! Educate yourself.

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Lyrics to "Emo Like A Nazi" song by Rucka Rucka Ali: When I was a kid I wished grandpa would get off me At least just fuck more softly Now my mom gets My. Emo Boy Lyrics: Hey emo boy! / Hey, hey, hey emo boy! / Hey emo boy! / Hey, hey, hey emo boy! / Hey emo boy! / Hey, hey, hey emo boy! / Hey emo boy! / Hey, hey, hey.