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We Buy, Sell, Trade & Repair Vintage Synthesizers & Used Gear. We're in the United States but ship anywhere. Looking for gear? We're dealers of classic vintage analog synths & keyboards, digital keys, modular synths, sound modules, stompboxes and effects, retro drum machines, sequencers, MIDI devices, pro audio, rackmount modules, samplers, electronic musical instruments and recording studio. Vintage Synthesizers The past 10 years have seen an incredible resurgence in the vintage synth market. After the rise of digital synthesis and sampling overtook the first wave of analog gear, many of even the most prized instruments of the 70s and 80s were overlooked and undervalued.

Vintage mono synths, are more for the collector than a person looking for a synth to play. There was a time when vintage synths were a nice way to build your hardware collection, way back because they were cheap, and later on cause there were no alternatives. Vintage Synth For Sale. Vintagesynthshop is an on-line store where you can buy a Vintage synth in full working order. Vintage synth parts. Vintage drum machines.

Some interesting has news emerged from Crumar earlier this month when the brand posted on its Facebook page that the time has come for its first synthesizer. Remarks: The classic rack polysynth combo is considered by many enthusiasts to be one of the best sounding vintage analogue rack-synths ever. The MKS80 Super Jupiter is powerful velocity and pressure sensitive 8 voice/16 VCO analogue polysynth with that big vintage Roland sound, and a stack of modulation and editing facilities.